Life Coaching For Teens: The Starting Point

‘The future is in your hands’

  • Your journey of personal discovery starts here. It will be rewarding and lead to profound improvements in your life!
  • You will become a true self-starter: someone who overcomes procrastination and inertia!
  • Learn to make the right decisions and then act on them to find your own direction in life.
  • Learn to deal with the fast changing and challenging world and respond to the pressure from internal and external stimuli.
  • Improve your self-image and get great confidence and creativity.
  • Build a stronger inner-world and find your inner-voice.
  • Learn to follow your heart’s desire.

The Pathfinder

  • Get a clear vision of your future and learn how to focus your resources, energy and time to get the best results through self-discipline and organised plans that lead to actions.
  • In order to become the winner you want to be in life, you have to prepare yourself¬† for victory before you make your first move. Visualise that end result!

‘Victory belongs to the most persevering’

Napoleon Bonaparte

Make your first move by contacting me now on 0225008266. I provide one-on-one life coaching for teens throughout Auckland. Together we can start moving in the right direction!