Motivational Strategist & Inspiring Life Coach Auckland

My name is Adrian F. Adascalitei and I have been involved in sports since I could walk.

I live in Auckland, New Zealand and I enjoy every single day. Life is indeed beautiful, but it hasn’t always been like that – some time ago I needed to make some changes:

Firstly, I needed to get rid of the small stuff, things that were holding me down but had little or no value, other than personal pride, at most. Should you feel that slightest hint of envy, try getting rid of it, because should it persist, it can amplify… One cannot overestimate the damage that negativity can have on a person.

I then had to let go of a full time job in a field that I did not enjoy; now ready to dedicate my time and expertise to helping others as a life coach. Loving what you do every day is key, and it is true for me. I do it with effortless passion, helping others to better themselves in any way brings great feelings of reward. I partake in celebrating clients’ every achievement no matter how small. I speak from experience when I say that it is never too late to make the change with the right positive attitude.

What are you waiting for?


Take that leap!
Make the change!

Now, it’s our turn!

Since I was little, I have been curious and full of energy. Used to enjoy exploring every little corner, climbing the highest of trees and jumping all fences and other obstacles.

Breaking my hand and leg four times during childhood did little in the way of stopping my curiosity and active lifestyle – I continued my climbing, jumping and (unexpected) falling.

THIS IS WHAT IT’S ABOUT! Jump, fall and get up! You cry a little, you brush off the dirt and tend to the scratches and move forward – 

there’s always going to be a higher tree to climb, a more challenging fence to get over and a more rewarding jump to take…

These days I get asked where do I source my energy from. It’s very simple! One gets it from small things that you derive pleasure from. I recharge through smiling, laughing, spending time with family. I tend to spend more time outdoors in nature, rather than indoors; I play sports, eat healthy food, sleep 8 hours per night, do not smoke or consume alcohol, and try to help those around me.


This is it… We are here, living on this beautiful Earth – it’s our choice how we deal with all the people, things and events that form part of and affect our existence.

Now, it’s our turn!

Live! Love! What are you waiting for?

JUMP!!! And build your wings on your way down and fly up to the blue sky!

Adrian F. Adascalitei

Auckland, New Zealand
Motivational Strategist & Inspiring Life Coach

ANZCAL accredited and certified professional life coach
Founder of Fudokan Karate Do NZ,
Chief Instructor, Black Belt, 4 DAN,
Fitness Instructor

As an Auckland based life coach I specialise in one-on-one coaching.
Call me on 0225008266 to talk about your future and start working on your personalised plan for success.
Together we can start moving in the right direction!