Personal Trainer For Top Sports Performance

Go For Gold!

Are you looking for mental preparation to help achieve great sporting performance? Or maybe you just want to finish a marathon, Iron Man Challenge, tournament or any other demanding sporting activity? If so, you have already started walking the winning path!

  • By working together you will get your personalised plan for your success
  • Learn the visualisation process to enhance performance
  • Increase your mental power and get unlimited confidence
  • Improve your focus and learn to deal with distractions
  • Goal setting: know where you are currently and where you want to go.
  • Stress reduction
  • With my help, you will become a champion for life, not just for one day!

‘To become a champion, fight one more round.’

James Corbett

As an Auckland based personal trainer and life coach I can help with mental preparation for great sporting performance.
Contact me on 0225008266 today and let’s get going!